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Hastings to Host First Ever Local Day of Giving

The Hastings Community Foundation will host the first-ever “Give Hastings Day” on May 1st. This 24-hour online giving event will raise funds for non-profits in the Hastings area. Donors will connect to charitable causes that they care about through a single online donation platform. The campaign will encourage people to learn more about giving opportunities in the area and take action. Physical locations will also be advertised as collection sites for donations. An online tally will encourage friendly competition between the non- profit organizations and individual donors. Prizes and bonus money will incentivize donors to visit the site throughout the day and give multiple times to a variety of causes. The mission of the Hastings Community Foundation is to support community needs through the promotion and management of charitable giving. This event will celebrate contributions of all levels. The Foundation has received matching dollars for the event from local sources and sources outside of the community. If your non-profit organization is interested in participating in this online fundraising event email For event updates follow the event on Facebook at “Give Hastings Day” or at